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Antonie Kamerling in SAINT AMOUR - Foto: Leendert Jansen

ERIC OOSTHOEK (Born 1948, Bilthoven – The Netherlands)

all FICTION: Personalised services in film and televisiondrama: direction, writing, coaching and casting... 

In 1972 Eric Oosthoek was one of the first generation of graduates in stage and television direction at the Amsterdamse Toneelschool. During his studies Oosthoek was assistant director to English and German directors both in the theatre and for television. He then worked for several years as a stage director. In that period he completed the NOS course Televisieregie at Studio Santbergen in Hilversum. As a supplemental study he attended various masterclasses in the United States in stage direction, screen acting, and film editing. Apart from creating a number of documentaries he has been, since 1977, responsible for numerous drama productions, single plays, and television films as well as longer running series for IKON Televisie and other public broadcasting organisations in the Netherlands.
Oosthoek regularly sits on international juries, such as the Prix d’Italia and the Geneva-Europe Grand Prize for TV Scenarios. Since 1990 he has published books and articles on film making; he regularly writes his own scenarios. In 2000 his first televisionfilm based on his own scenario, SAINT AMOUR, was premiered at the Nederlands Film Festival; his short film MORGEN GA IK ZELF was shown at this festival in 2001. Commissioned by the Intendant of the Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, he recently he wrote the scenario for the feature film VLUCHT! In 2006 his TV film GEBROKEN ROOD was broadcast by the French-German cultural channel ARTE while his TV film KILKENNY CROSS was sold to Swedish television. In the same year he collaborated for IKON Televisie with co-authors Oscar van den Boogaard and Steven van Watermeulen on his latest TV film ANNA. His most recent project (in collaboration with co-author Hedda Archbold) is a scenario based on Bernlef’s novel BUITEN IS HET MAANDAG, for producer René Huybrechtse of Dutch Mountain Movies.

 Since 1 January 2007: Director / Scenario Writer / Acting-Directing Coach for all FICTION

1989 - 2006 Drama Commissioning Editor IKON TELEVISIE and free-lance scenario writer
1977 - 2006 Director / Producer IKON ­TELEVISIE 
1973 - 1976 Director ­/ Artistiek Leider NIEUWE KOME­DIE
1972 - 1973 Freelance Stage Director NOORDER COMPAGNIE and TONEELGROEP THEATER

 ERIC OOSTHOEK is a member of / affiliated with:
DDG               Dutch Directors Guild
LIRA Literaire Rechten Auteurs
NFTVM Nieuwe Film & Televisiemakers Vereniging van Film- en Televisiedramaturgen
VEVAM Vereniging ter Exploitatie van Vertoningsrechten op Audiovisueel Materiaal
VSenV          Vereniging van Schrijvers en Vertalers: Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers

1968 - 1969  TONEELACADEMIE AMSTERDAM: Actors course,
1969 - 1972

(graduated with didactics registration and First Grade teaching qualification)

1981 Study tour in the UK; apprenticeships with BBC TV and London Weekend
1987 Study tour in the US: apprenticeships with Kate and Allie (CBS), All My
Children (ABC), Tales from the Hollywood Hills (PBS), Cagney and Lacey,
Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere (MTM)

1977             Facts and Fiction (Bernward Wember) Hilversum - NL
1987 Acting for Directors (Barry Primus) Los Angeles - US
1987 Directing the Actor (Barry Primus) Rockport - US
1987 Editing Short Stories (Ralph Rosenblum) Rockport - US
1990 Editing TV-drama (Frank Daniël) Amsterdam - NL
1992 Storytelling (Paul Gray) Amsterdam - NL
1998 Pilots (Roger Gregory, Ray Jenkins) Sitges - ES
1999 Story (Bob McKee) Geneva - SW
2000 Pilots (Roger Gregory, Linda Seger, Jürgen Wolff, Guy Meredith) Sitges - ES
2000 The Comic Toolbox (John Vorhaus) Geneva - SW
2001 The Viewers Journey (Terry Hayes) Geneva - SW

1972 - 1973   Lecturer / Placement Supervisor / Direction supervisor ­Theaterschool Amsterdam 
1982 - 1987­­ Lecturer Drama Direction ­NOS Regie-Opleiding, (Studio Santber­gen) Hilversum
1986 - 1988 Guest Lecturer Acting on Camera Toneelacademie Maastricht 
1985 - 1989 Lecturer Drama Direction Stichting Post-Academiaal Kunst­onderwijs Utrecht
and Rotterdam
1987 - 1998 Guest Lecturer NFTA (Filmacademie), Faculty Film/Television Hoge­school
voor de Kun­sten Amsterdam

1977 - 2006 Member Working Group DRAMA-KUNSTZAKEN NOS
1986 - 2005 National Co-ordinator for INPUT (International Conference for Public Television)
1988 Jury member GOLDEN CHEST FILM / TELEVISION FESTIVAL, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1985 / 1989 Jury Member PRIX ITALIA, Italië
2001 Jury Member NEDERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL, Utrecht
1987 - 2005 Jury member PRIX GENÈVE-EUROPE (Prizes for Television-scenarios), Geneva - Berlin

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